About Us

Hi I am Izzy and clearly, I entered the world of family matching everything at a very young age. The featured photo is me and Granny in our matching pocket dresses. But by the time my mom started I was a teenager and really did not understand this whole matchy matchy thing. And then last year, I visited my boyfriend’s family and was handed a pair of family holiday pjs.

And now I get it! Family holiday pjs set the tone for the whole holiday celebration AND help create family memories that last a lifetime and are even passed down from generation to generation.

This year I was assigned the task of choosing the bf’s family jammies. I of course turned to MomMeMatch’s flagship post, Just in Time for Christmas – Holiday Matching Family Pajamas. It really is incredible. It features just about every set of Christmas pajamas made and is a must visit for anyone who needs to see everything available before making a decision. Unfortunately, that is not me. The huge array of choice just makes me dizzy. I searched elsewhere (don’t tell mom) but could not find a best of the best list of family holiday pjs. I needed a list which narrowed down the choices to the top 6 or so in each category. And a list that was mobile friendly since I buy everything using my phone.

So I teamed up with mom to create Family Holiday PJs. It is a mobile friendly, curated list of the best of the best family holiday pjs available in 2020. With my background in fashion trends and styling working at some of the most reknowned fashion houses in the world, and her exhaustive knowledge of Christmas and Hanukkah Pajamas, we think we finally came up with a definitive guide to family holiday pjs.

We have curated holiday pajamas by theme and use our instagram feed as a best of the best guide. And you can shop our Instagram right from here >> Best of the Best 2020 Family Holiday Pjs.

Please feel free to reach out any time. Just email me

xx, Izzy