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Our best guess is that 2020 might just be the year for #pjsallday. Start your holiday season in Thanksgiving pjs and end them in Christmas jammies. Although not officially cancelled, the large family Thanksgiving where families from all over the country converge on one family members home will definitely be curtailed this year in most communities. The CDC has already released its 2020 Thanksgiving guidelines recommending celebrating virtually or with members of your own household. This does not mean no Thanksgiving fun. We are guessing it is not a surprise to anyone that we highly recommend you plan a family Thanksgiving PJ party. There are such cute family Thanksgiving Pjs this year and you can even set up a Thanksgiving play tent to sleep in! Plan ahead and print out a few printable games for some “spontaneous” fun.

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Hanna Andersson always has great fall and winter holiday outfits! And not only are they darling, they are almost always on sale!

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Casual (& Humorous) Thanksgiving Outfits

And if your Thanksgiving is a bit more casual, definitely check out this fun family Thanksgiving t-shirts.

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